Explore our programs for students of all ages! Each program connects to different core curricula and can be modified for various grade levels. We offer 1-day workshops and 3-day to 6-day residencies. Connect with us today to discuss the best options for your group or to receive a quote. Pricing varies based on the number of instruction hours, materials required and number of students. 

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    Learn the art of stop motion animation and bring your stories to life!

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    ASD Programs

    Awesome experiences designed for students who are on the spectrum.

  • Abstract Paint


    Local creatives collaborate to offer amazing programs & field trips.

  • Crafts Supplies

    Custom Programs

    Collaborate with us to build an unforgettable creative experience!

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    Digital Photo

    From iPads to Cyanotypes, our roots in photography shine in these programs.

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    Darkroom Photo

    Expose your students to the magic and science of photography.

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    Earth Art

    Explore the creative possibilities of forming nature to create art.

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    Express yourself. Design shirts, totes, clutches and lifestyle products.

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    Installation Art

    Build a collaborative, site-specific installation to enhance your school.

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    From poems to explanatory texts and narratives, we connect art with words.

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    Mixed Media

    Learn how to combine mediums to create epic 2-d and 3-d works!

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    Basquiat, Dali , Kalo and Rothko are a few of our favorite program muses!

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    Learn the art of Screen Printing, Lino Printing, Eco Printing and more!

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    Public Art

    Explore the world of public art and make a bold statement!

  • iPad

    Prof. Development

    We make PD fun! We provide Visual & Digital Literacy and much more!

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    Summer Camps

    Check out the camps we offer in partnership with local schools!

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